Saturday, October 18, 2008

Holiday Budgeting Class

With stock portfolios shrinking rapidly, hours at workplaces being cut, and jobs being eliminated, consumers are faced with a challenge of how to save money this holiday season. Gabriella Buchanan, of Consumer Credit Counseling Services and the Arizona Center for Consumer Education, will be teaching a Holiday Survival Skills budgeting class both in November and December. This is a great opportunity to build some financial management skills that can stick with you and your family all year long.

Today's Assignment
Mark your calendar now to attend the Holiday Survival Skills budgeting class

When: 6-7:45 pm on Nov. 3 and Dec. 1

Where: The Jewell McFarland Lewis Fresh Start Women's Resource Center, 1130 E McDowell Rd, Phoenix ( save money by car pooling with friends!)

Cost: $5

Information: 602-252-8494 or

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